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Lindsey. 20. College student. Loud. History buff. Nerd. Harry Potter fan. Florida resident. Talkative. Oh, I swear a lot.
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Mt. Washington



I want to go traveling with my best friend 👌

I miss the outdoors :(

Fuck, guys. I’m sorry my blog has been such a mess. New city. New job. New University. My life’s one hot, stressful mess right now. Also, if I haven’t answered messages of yours, I apologize for that, as well. I’m just an ass this week and I’m entirely too busy.
Have a good night, loves. 😘
Sorry I suck!

Ur ask says we can be a nosey whore.. so I will be. Will you self touch or get laid tonight? For us lonely vouyers can we have some details?


Dude, it was just a night out with friends for Dillon’s 21st! Aha. It was Dil’s night not mine. Anyways, I kinda like to have a relationship with someone before anything sexual takes place. I don’t like one night stands. Just not for me. And, I didn’t touch myself either because I was mainly with people and then once I got in bed I fell asleep soon after.

I was with a group of pals the whole time, btw. Like twelve of is altogether. I wasn’t drunk busing alone!

Are you drunk and alone now?


I’m currently with Dillon back in my room. Just got back from a club. If one more person called me a goddamned mermaid and tried to touch my hair.. Gah! Lmao.

I FIXED MY GLASSES. Best drunk night ever. And, that stranger didn’t look half bad. He just had a stpud major.

I’m drunk. On a bus. I gave. Stranger my phone number. I broke my glasses. Fuckkk. My life. Three days at UF and I’m already making stupid choices.